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We write the SEO optimized press release for all of your works and get it published across the world.

Either you design large commercial projects or small residences, you design products or interiors, you need an online presence. If you're wondering how you can achieve it?

RTF Media Lab is the Most Efficient Way to achieve it.

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Most of the studios are experiencing better visibility of their work. Now they don't have to worry about PR activities and online presence.

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At RTF Media Lab, it is our core mission to create a global understanding and appreciation for good design, and we honestly believe that we can achieve that if we can promote and help promote the very best designs to the audiences worldwide.

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We share your projects with audiences globally.

RTF Media Lab provides extensive and intense publicity to designs, it is considered as a quality and high-return alternative to any advertising you might be running provided that you have a good design that could win the accolade.

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Our editorial team works on the projects, proofread the text & prepares the story

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We distribute your project to thousands of media contacts providing the deserved publicity

Prasoon G DasBlue Clay Architects

“RTF Media Lab has met and exceeded my expectations. They have delivered and continue to deliver efficiently. It is refreshing to work with such a professional and highly innovative team.”

David MillerOBBA

“The publicity RTF Media Lab earned for us will allow Queen for a Day to achieve the recognition it deserves.”

Marcia ElderParagon Architecture

“You guys have been great. I really appreciate all you do.”

Zak ReidAART Architecture

“RTF Media Lab has the rare combination of Architecture, Design and communications knowledge and that was invaluable to us.”

Jake SmithT. Kobus Associates

“RTF Media Lab delivered as promised, and we’ve enjoyed significant results from their services.”

Barbara AinsworthDRDS

“Their expertise in architecture and design and media contacts in the design industry helped us with the much-needed visibility.”

Nishant RayFatmug Designs

“Thank you for sharing your business expertise with our team. The information you shared will be extremely valuable to us.”

Shellie ThiesT Holler Architecture

“Now when our clients search for us, we know they get a lot to see. Thanks to RTF Media Lab.”

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